DnD 3.5 Faerun off the map

Onward towards Doom

After finding the trap door, Lili searches to make sure there are no traps and finds the door trap free and unlocked. The door is opened by Nightwind and he is the first to descend. Following him is the courageous cleric Ja’Lil, followed by SpurPot and Lili.

They find themselves in a underground room with roughly the same dimensions as the ruins up above. The room is about thirty feet wide by forty feet long. The spiral staircase that descended behind, the room which is made of stone floor and walls contains four support pillars and an iron cage. The roof is approximately ten feet high and the cage goes all the way to the ceiling. SpurPot notices the cage first and moves over to investigate, he hears nothing coming from the cage, but notices a weird door in the cage and piles of cloth on the floor. The door has no hinges and no lock to pick. He touches the door and is shocked to find the iron bars flexible like rubber. He goes through, nobody knowing what the door was, and as he steps through the door and into the cage he is surprised by the pain induced by the door, truly a devious attack. While in the cage, he searches the piles of cloth on the ground and finds a half-rotten, half-eaten, fully dead body of either an orc or the ugliest woman he has ever seen. He yells out to the group his discovery and hears a moan coming from the other side of the cage. He goes over and gingerly pulls back the cloth from where he heard the moan emitting and is overwhelmed with the sight before him. He sees three naked bodies, human, barely anything left to them. They look like skeletons with skin on them and he is amazed that they are still alive. The bodies are of two men and hopefully a woman, or the man’s penis has fallen off. SpurPot uses caution as to not catch this horrible disease. He steps forward and pours some cider into his hand for them to drink and sees them lap at it, like a dog laps at a bowl of water. SpurPot bends down to hear the weak man mumble, “It’s almost feeding time.”
SpurPot looks worried and asks, “You get fed, or you are fed to something?”

Meanwhile, Ja’Lil finds that the torches in the room are the magical everburning torch and is called over to cast create food and water for the three, what seems like horribly starved humans, and a fourth body is discovered near the dead body found earlier. This one is of a male dwarf, the skinniest one SpurPot has ever seen and completely naked except for the hair suit the dwarf has grown. Ja’Lil casts the spell and enough food for 21 people is created in the corner of the cage nearest the stairs, a mere fifteen feet away to the right diagonally.

A loud clang erupts a few seconds after SpurPot enters the cage and all but Nightwind hear it and the humming coming from the back wall. They act quickly, SpurPot leaves the cage, taking more damage from the door and Ja’Lil moves all the way up to the corner between the far wall opposite the side with the stairs while Lili discovers a floor trap and sets it off delibrately, which sets of a thud sound near the stairs, a sort of buzzing sound turns off near the cage, and draws her crossbow. Nightwind moves towards the wall from the stairs the thirty feet and moves into the space between the far left pillar and the center of the far wall. Another loud clang is heard by all this time and the walls start to slide open revealing large owlbear zombies. The doors concealing the owlbears slide close after the owlbear vacates, the group can see tunnels running behind the monsters that head deeper into the earth. The fight takes longer than it should’ve since Ja’Lil was unable to turn them, but they vanquish them all the same, the bodies turning to dust before there eyes when the creatures die again. After the fight, they are amazed that the male dwarf, wrapped in cloth, is outside the cage standing. The others are wrapped in cloth as well. SpurPot gives them each a gold piece and they escort the group out to the entrance of the cave. They tell them that they are a couple hours from Trynt. The group also explains that there is an old man in the cave and he might not even be there since he left a couple hours ago. The survivors tell the group that they are from Trynt and think that they have only been gone for a week. They were part of a caravan that was ambushed by lizardfolk and ended up here, but don’t know how. The survivors depart.

The group rests so Ja’Lil can regain his turning abilities and spells above ground. They continue there trek down, since after the fight they discovered that the stairs continue down. They make there way down the stairs which lead them into a tunnel eroded into the earth by water that leads them to another set of stairs carved into the stone. The stairs lead down towards a cavern after about twenty feet and wrap around towards the floor carved into the sides of the cavern walls. They reach an old iron spiral staircase that descends the last twenty feet into a makeshift cellar. They discover some fresh foodstuffs in the cellar and make the call that they are not alone. Another iron wall with the same kind of door, which they have come to know as a void door, leads into the rest of the cavern. SpurPot goes through this door and nothing happens, the cavern is lit by a everburning torch that Ja’Lil has from the room above, one he had from before that which he gave to SpurPot, and a rock that Nightwind has from Bram. They investigate the cavern and discover large clawed tracks that seem to come from a pit in the floor and circle around and lead towards the back of the cavern to the other side of the stone wall that was in the cellar that went to the ceiling. SpurPot leads to the back stealthily, but not quiet enough for he is surprised when an umberhulk attacks. Nightwind goes to his aid and Ja’Lil and Lili cover the rear. Ja’Lil and Lili feel the ground shaking and Nightwind hears a clawing sound. While Nightwind and SpurPot are defending themselves against one umberhulk, another one burrows up from the ground on the other side of the cavern supporting piece which is around thirty feet by thirty feet. The rock wall being between the supporting piece and the cavern wall on the left of where the stairs came down. Ja’Lil and Lili cannot see the other umberhulk, but know it is there. They move to a better position and are attacked by the second umberhulk. The group dispatches the umberhulks, but almost die in the process. The wand of cure light wounds that Nightwind had purchased for Ja’Lil came in quite useful. After defeating the umberhulks, they search the cavern and discover a pit, dark and deep, they drop a lit torch and see the bottom of the pit is more than fifty feet from the rope that they had dropped. They go back to the cellar and stand watch while they rest before delving into the deep.

This is where we stopped. Until next time, safe gaming and have fun!


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