DnD 3.5 Faerun off the map

The Story so Far

its on my blog

I started this campaign in DnD 2nd Edition Revised and evolved it towards 3.5 due to the fact that I ran out of monsters to throw them in the old edition and the rules were just not what I was used to, so we converted to DnD 3.5 and that is where we are. I have taken a small break in my DMing due to a job and now that it is slow again, I’m gonna work on this campaign and hopefully get it started again. Now I don’t have a lot of room on here to write down the old story and upload more than the map I already uploaded, but I can give you a link to my blog and you can see the story so far.

My blog

DnD 2nd Edition Revised
DnD 3.5
are the titles of the two blogs that cover this campaign so far and I have some of the other maps I used on there as well. If you like it, let me know and leave a comment either here or on the blog.


MikelRysk MikelRysk

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