Tag: City


  • Trynt

    One of the cities of [[S'Thay]]. Bigger than [[Stout]] and South of the [[Black Tree Ruins]]. Has a center fountain and an underground sewer. Contains places like [[Po's Inn]], [[Mary's Market]], [[Fool's Chance Tavern]], [[Temple of Helm]], [[Torq's …

  • Stout

    This is the small village just North of [[Luthain]] in the [[Bottomwood Forest]] and across the [[Grahm River]], but South of [[Phrum Castle]]. Contains the [[Custer farm]] and [[Trant farm]] on the north and south part of the village respectively. Also …

  • Reka Padaet

    This city is located within [[S'Thay]] and is northeast of [[Trynt]]. Found on the northern shore of [[Reka Kormili Lake]] neighboring [[Vodopad Mountain]]. [[Lonn's Farm]] is located to the west of town at at the bottom of the mountain path leading up …

  • Luthain

    This city is where [[Nightwind]], [[Ja'Lil]] and [[Solon Moonshadow|Solon]] come from. It is located south of [[Stout]] across the [[Grahm River]] and north of the [[Stone Ruins]] inside [[Bottomwood Forest]].

  • Lothain

    The elf village where [[Solon]], [[Nightwind]], and [[Ja'Lil]] come from. It is located to the south and west of [[Stout]].