Tag: Location


  • Shyvalti

    Also known as the [[Black Tree Ruins]] this place was originally crafted and built by the Elves of long ago. There is a black tree at the ruins and according to history there is a great evil entombed beneath it. There is also a underground dungeon that …

  • Glimmerwooim Mountains

    These mountains run from west of [[Stout]] and end near [[Trynt]]. They are the largest set of mountains within [[S'Thay]] followed by the [[Rockiron Mountains]] directly north on the other side of the [[Okruzhennyy Desert]] and the [[Coldwater Mountains …

  • Reka Kormili Lake

    Large lake in southeastern [[S'Thay]] that is fed by the [[Gornoye Ozero River]] and [[Dal'niy Vostok Ozera River]]. It has the [[Ledovyy Okean River]] flow to the north and empty into the [[Great Ice Sea]]. [[Reka Padaet]] is on the northern shore …

  • Lothain

    The elf village where [[Solon]], [[Nightwind]], and [[Ja'Lil]] come from. It is located to the south and west of [[Stout]].