Tag: NPC


  • Korgle Rockbreaker

    Owner and operator of [[Korgle's Karriage]]. Male Dwarf who use to adventure a long time ago. Likes to keep in the know. Lives in [[Trynt]].

  • Brenda Misterll

    Works at [[Korgle's Karriage]] in [[Trynt]] and takes care of the garden in the back of the inn. Human, female, 19, waitress. Likes flowers and is very sweet, but not gullible. Lives nearby with her little brother and sister.

  • Brother Turnvall

    Ready to be granted the title of Acolyte. Kept busy fixing [[Acolyte Brill]]'s errors at the [[Temple of Helm]] in [[Trynt]].

  • Sir Staven

    Is a male from [[Reka Padaet]] who was captured by orcs, rescued by our group of adventurers, had an assassination attempt on his life after being rescued, departed some time ago for Reka Padaet and recently found on the road outside [[Trynt]] with a case …

  • Clementine

    A nice old lady, known as Mary to everyone in town. Her husband died of filth fever 3 years ago, who doesn't have any children of her own. Is taking care of the surviving small boy, [[Grahm Hoverton]], from [[Po's Inn]].

  • Dweedollogaz

    A known Gold Dragon that lives near [[Trynt]]. [[Grimml]] informed them of what he was and where his lair was in relation of town and directions on how to get there. His lair's location is shown on the map the group found in [[Phrum Castle]].

  • Lonn

    Lonn is a farmer that lives at the base of the mountain range that [[Reka Padaet]] is built on. He has a six small fields of crops and one larger field of corn. Two buildings stand on the property, a small farm house and a small barn. He also raises …

  • Grimml

    Grimml Grumbllanderferfulfignewton is a gnome who is a [[Loremaster]]. He keeps to himself and doesn't leave is bookstore very often or at all. He lives in his bookstore located in [[Trynt]] and has his food delivered by [[Clementine|Mary]]. He is …