Tag: Place


  • Korgle's Karriage

    Located on the East end of [[Trynt]]. Run by a Dwarf named [[Korgle Rockbreaker]] who is very hard-headed but friendly and has some employees like [[Brenda Misterll]]. Small garden in back of inn that contains tomatoes, basil, potatoes, carrots, onions, …

  • Po's Inn

    Po's Inn is the largest Inn in [[Trynt]] and is three stories tall. A stable is located out the back of the dining room, to the west, on the north side of the first floor. The kitchen is in the south side of the first floor. Recently flooded with …

  • Wizard's Guild

    The building is a tower about 5 stories tall in [[Trynt]]. The guild offers enchantments to make or enhance magic weapons and armor which can be made to masterwork standards at [[Torq's Forge]]. Not the friendliest group, but not mean either.

  • Torq's Forge

    This blacksmith's forge is run by Torq in [[Trynt]]. [[Torq]] is a very large man, use to be an adventurer and now craft's masterwork weapon's and armor made out of metals.

  • Mercenary's Guild

    This guild is for training and recruiting soldiers and mercenaries for use in battles and caravans. Merchants can pay them for caravan duty or an army can pay them for being a soldier. Although located in [[Trynt]], this guild is widely used in many …

  • Temple of Helm

    Temple devoted to the worship of the deity known as [[Helm]] located in [[Trynt]]. Run by a Halfling known as [[Acolyte Brill]]. [[Brother Turnvall]] is also there actually running the place behind the senile old halfling's back.

  • Mary's Market

    Known for selling fresh produce and buying farmer's crops for trade. Located in [[Trynt]]. Known to also have a trapdoor in the cellar that leads into the sewers. Run by a nice human lady named [[Clementine]].

  • Lenny's Lamentations

    Run by a Halfling named [[Lenny Lightfoot]]. General store located in [[Trynt]] that carries farming implements, seeds, clothes and other miscellaneous items.

  • Mason's Brickworks

    Located to the west of [[Town Meeting Hall]] in [[Trynt]]. Run by a Dwarf named [[Mason Hallbringer]] who maintains the town's outer wall and the sewer.

  • Merchant's Guild

    Maintains the commerce of [[Trynt]] and located between the center fountain and [[Grimml's Maps and Books]]. Must purchase a merchant badge for 50 gold pieces in order to sell wares in the city.

  • Hood's Hides and Leatherworks

    Run by [[Jacob Hood]]. Makes and repairs leather items. Master Woodworker [[Phillip Greenworth]] is employed here as well. Located on south side of [[Trynt]] across the road from [[Po's Inn]].

  • Korgle's stable

    Owned by [[Korgle Rockbreaker]] and on the western side of [[Korgle's Karriage]] in [[Trynt]] has a small field for grazing and a fair size stable large enough to house three wagons and about a dozen large animals.

  • Reka Padaet Guard House

    The guard house is on the corner of the road to [[Trynt]] and the road to [[New Scion Village]]. There are usually eight guards posted at any one time. Two guards are usually in the guard house while two are posted as sentries outside the [[Gate of Reka …