DnD 3.5 Faerun off the map

Let's Go Again.

During the week of rest, The Aspirant, Duripant, aka SpurPot, was looking for a happy goat. Brenda told him of Mary, the lady that does the farmer market in town, because she might know someone who had goats. SpurPot went and talked to Mary and she asked him why he wanted a goat. He replied that he wanted a goat to get wool. She told him that wool didn’t come from goats, but came from sheep and rams. He asked if anyone had a ram and she told him that she knew of a farmer in Reka Padaet who raised sheep, rams and goats. She said his name was Lonn. Satisfied, he went back to the group staying at Korgle’s Karriage.

Meanwhile, the group was talking about finding the gold dragon, Dweedollogaz. They had seen it on the map they had found and asked Grimml the gnome loremaster about the name on the map and now remember seeing a cave off of the road in between Stout and Trynt. They would go ask Grimml how far away the cave was, for the horses that had been promised to arrive this week had not arrived. Since the day was warm and sunny without any clouds in the sky they hoped they could walk to the cave. The group left Korgle’s and headed across the thirty feet of dirt road that separated Korgle’s Karriage and Grimml’s Maps and Books. The fresh air was crisp and after receiving the news that Solon and Bram had departed, they had left a message with Korgle, the walk across to the kitty-corner building to find Grimml was well deserved.

Knock Knock

The knock on Grimml’s door was met with silence. After a few moments the door opened and Grimml asked,“What do you want?”
Nightwind replied,“How far is it to the cave of the dragon?”
“Dragon!” “What dragon?”
“The one you showed us on the map we found; you know, the gold dragon.”
“Oh, him, you want to know how far it is to him?”
“Yes,” the group replied in unison.
“Oh,” as his eyes look up like he’s counting invisible numbers in the air above his head,“its about 600 miles to his cave. You gotta go all the way around…”
Nightwind interrupts,“not that cave, the cave right over here.” As he points towards Stout.
“Oh, that cave, that’s only about 25 miles, you could hustle and make it in two days. Is there anything else?”
Grimmle hurriedly steps back inside and closes the door.
The group wonders what has gotten into him, he’s usually more friendly. SpurPot informs the group that when they had approached he heard some hushed words on the other side of the door. Mainly something like “what do they want now?” and “Why now, why now?” The thought that he might have been in the middle of something occurred to them.

They group had also done some shopping, picking up some ordered magic items, picking up a couple last minute ones and refitting their supplies to head out on a journey, during the week of rest after finding Cardinal Rosyness.

The group, finally ready to depart, leaves on foot and sets out to find the cave on the way to Stout. The first day on the rode allows them good travel time and they, not seeing a soul on the way, walked about fourteen miles on a definite hustle. The next morning the set out with no worries for they would reach the cave entrance today. Towards the late hours of the afternoon, the group was set upon by a Giant Praying Mantis. The creature had been hiding near the path they were walking, between the road and the base of the mountains, and laid an ambush. The hungry vermin had no chance to get its supper for the party dispatched the critter in short time. Nightwind landing the killing blow and slicing the vermin horizontally across the abdomen and into two pieces was not fast enough to dodge out of the way of the vile, green ichor that sprayed out of the creature. Lili, always the inquisitive rogue, collected some of this insect blood in a flask.

The party was delighted to find the entrance to the cave a mere two hundred feet away tucked into an outcropping of rocks from the base of the mountain. The inside not being illuminated reminded Nightwind of the rock Bram had bestowed upon him with the magical enchantment of the continual flame spell. The rock was as bright as a torch and easier to carry. The group stepped inside the cave entrance and some of them noticed a light that seemed to be coming from deeper inside the cave. The group, not worrying of the dangers that may be present inside started whistling a tune. After a short while they noticed another whistle underneath theirs and then they stopped altogether, the whistling and moving. They heard the whistle coming from deeper in the cave. Lili started imitating the whistle they heard. Ja’Lil then heard some soft footfalls directly behind Lili and whispered into her ear,“I don’t think we’re alone,” glancing with his eyes towards her rear. He then heard some whispered muttering and the party was in the middle of a cloud of fog.

The group exited the fog, which disappeared in a short time, and they didn’t see the light at the back of the cave any longer.
A voice cried out,“What do you want?”
They turned to see an aging man, salt and pepper hair and looked around 60 years old, whose clothes were torn and ragged like a beggar from a big city. “We are trying to go through the mountain and find a dragon.”
“Dragon, I have never seen a dragon here. I’ve been living here for the last two years. All that’s here is a rusty iron gate door further in at the end of the tunnel. I keep my straw in the corner over there.”
“Well, then we need to go through the gate.”
“You’re actually going to open that and go through. It’s unnatural, if not downright evil. The moaning coming from back there. That’s why I stay up here and don’t go back there. Nothing comes out and nothing goes in.”
“I guess we will be going in.”
“Can you do me a favor then?”
Nightwind replies,“Sure, what?”
“Can you lock it up again after you go through, please?”
“Sure, no problem, we’ll lock it up again.”
“Okay, thanks, I’ll be back tomorrow,” and he runs out of the cave and heads towards Trynt.
SpurPot heard howling wind and birds chirping from the direction of the gate.

The group then headed towards the gate. When they arrived and investigated the gate they noticed that it was in ill repair. Since they had forgotten oil for the hinges, they used most of the green ichor that Lili had collected in the flask. She coated the hinges with her hand and Nightwind rammed the door with all his might. The pins holding the door in place slipped out and the gate flew down the tunnel and towards an eerie green glow, clanging and echoing down the stone corridor with a soft ‘thump’ at the end. The group made their way towards the glow and after ninety feet and a soft turn in the passage walked into an open expanse. The floor was covered in a soft,spongy,dark brown turf with purple blades of grass growing out of it. This opening was also protected from view by rocky outcroppings that extended 20 feet on either side. The group made their way past the outcroppings and looked to the left and noticed a black metal fence from wall to wall across with an open gate near the middle. The grass faded to gray towards the fence and the soft turf became hard and scaly. To the right, the foliage continued and they noticed a couple trees that had a smooth, really dark brown hue bark and purple leaves, the same color as the grass. Nightwind, reached down and grabbed a chunk of turf and ripped it up and out. He felt a liquid running down the underside of his arm and when he looked noticed a yellow liquid oozing down. The smell of butterscotch filled their noses. Nightwind put his finger into the yellow substance and then put it in his mouth. The liquid tasted bitter and was the consistency of cheese spread (He rolled a Constitution check, failed and took 1d4 Con damage, rolled a 1, temp for 1d6x2 hours, rolled a 2). He then smelled the grass, no smell, and put a blade into his mouth, tasted like pepermint (Passed this Con check). Told the others what they tasted like. There was a small stone path that lead across the 80 ft expanse to what appeared to be another cave entrance. The green glow looked to be coming from what appeared to be small glowing mushrooms. From the far side of the trees on the right it looks like about 120 ft to the far side by the cemetery.

SpurPot went to investigate the black metal fence. When he arrived, he noticed ruins on the other side of the fence. He moved through the fence and noticed a cemetery towards the back behind the ruins; he also found an old metal holy symbol of Amaunator. The group came over to help investigate. Ja’Lil remembered hearing or reading about a Church of Amaunator when studying to become a priest in Luthain. The Church had mysteriously disappeared a long time ago. It had been located in the mountains between Stout and Trynt. Nightwind stayed close to the ruins and searched there while the remainder of the group investigated the cemetery. They noticed that the grave markers were simple wooden crosses made from two branches tied together with leather straps and from the purple leaf trees. The wood had a feeling of ironwood. The group was then ambushed by a dozen humanoid zombies, but the surprise had faded by the time the zombies had stood up. Almost all of the zombies moved in close to attack the party, but Ja’Lil didn’t mind since his deity easily helped him dispatch and destroy all but two zombies on the far side of the ruins by Nightwind. Lili and Ja’Lil had flaming burst bows and dispatched one of the two remaining while Nightwind went and destroyed the last slicing its head clean off the shoulder. They placed the body of the one on top of the zombie who had caught fire from the bow attacks. Lili, testing the properties of the green ichor poured the remaining amount on the flaming bodies and they burst into flames and were ash in a matter of seconds. Doing a final search of the area allowed Lili to notice a trap door in the floor of the ruins.

This is where we left off and Ja’Lil and Lili leveled up to 9. SpurPot is close to 9 and Nightwind I believe is still 7.


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